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Granny Camp 2013 — Super Success!

makingincenseThe past week has certainly been busy!  Last January I decided that it would be fun if I held a Granny Camp program here at the hearthstone.  The general idea was to provide a hands-on, enjoyable summer experience that incorporated crafty things as well as mind magick.  We set the date and for several months I rolled around in my head what projects we could do, what themes we would touch on, and how I would incorporate physical activities with a spiritual thread that would run through the two-day intensive.

Having just finished Lesson 3, it was a perfect time to work with people in person, touching on several of the chants, charms, and practices in the lessons.  This was a pilot program, not open to the public, so that I could monitor how well the program worked, examine the overall cost, and consider what concepts might be strengthened or cut from the two day training.

I have always worked with the moon in the signs when training in public, and began, two years ago, working with the planetary hours for group events; but, I never said much about it.  With the Sun in Leo — I knew people would want to make things in a big way, and show what they made.  With the Moon in Capricorn they would be more open to structure and guidelines — and would expect hand-outs (something I don’t often provide; but made the extra effort to do so)  For this event, I set up the planetary hours in schedule form — first writing what each hour basically meant, and then worked in what events would seem to flow better with each individual hour.  This worked extremely well, and I think we all learned from it.

The schedule looked something like this:

1:11 – 2:20 – Moon – Water, Emotion — Open with a Group Mind Activity — Tying long counting cords to a metal pentacle stake in the center of the yard right over the underground aquifer and perform a fun, opening ritual.

1:30 – 3:28 — Saturn — Earth — Structure — Teach how to clear one’s field, practice Golden Light visualization, practice silent movement, begin introducing the chants we will use this weekend.

and so on.

We used three chants basic chants for the event:

Pentacle of One — in Lesson 3
Will of the World — Lesson 3
Web of the Wyrrd — Lesson 4

During the two days we used the hourly “Mindful Bell”, practiced divination with white and black stones, made poppets filled with herbs in accordance with which stone they chose (white or black), used paper talisman magick, enjoyed a bonfire healing circle with drumming, overdipped candles, made incense, Granny’s Secret Powder (which is very versatile) and magickal oils.   Let me tell you with the sun in Leo?  We had some pretty, darned snazzy poppets!  Thanks to Lady Kori, who brought not only the herbs, but also tons of embellishments!


If you are interested in learning Braucherei, Granny Magick, and Blue Mountain magicks you can purchase lessons one through three at http://www.crowcrossroads.etsy.com.  We’d love to work with you!


Lesson 3 is Ready!

lesson3*Lesson Three of Silver’s Granny Magick Braucherei Witchery Course Now Available!  Visit http://www.crowcrossroads.etsy.com

Welcome to the World of Granny Magick and Braucherei Witchery where Silver teaches you all about The Big Three!

Let Silver teach you this little known, easy to learn techniques for healing, magick and enchantment!  Electronic mailing to your Etsy listed e-mail means no postage costs!  Instant download!  PDF Format

42 pages — Let Silver teach you the art and science of Granny Magick and Braucherei Witchery.  Easy-to-follow guide with color illustrations.  Complete instructions and student support.

What’s even better?  Purchase of your lesson entitles you to participate in the Granny Magick blog — reserved only for students.  Here, you can read more information, get to know the other students, share your photos and experiences in the mystical practice.  After you purchase, look for your Granny Magick welcome e-mail.  This e-mail will give you instructions on how to sign up for free.


Lessons provide an introduction into the mystical world of Braucherei Witchery and Granny Magick including practices, rituals, spells, meditations, and energy work.  Topics covered will include healing, spirituality, prosperity, protection, justice, herbal information, some astrology, enchanted art (such as hex signs and fraktur) and methods for harmonious daily living.  You will find elements of various religions, and the material does work with “Spirit” in general, angels, and elemental powers.

This is Lesson Number Three, packed full of information, charms, chants, techniques, and illustrations with the main focus on

How to Blow out a Burn How to Blow out a Bruise How to Break a Fever How to Stop Blood

This lesson includes instructions for the Nine Hour Vigil, a discussion on first aide emergencies from an energy viewpoint, a general ritual to use as a solid structure for the many chants and charms, and a complete explanation of the Fridee Nite Healing Circle.

Lessons are sold one at a time.  As you complete your first lesson, you can currently purchase the next one by visiting http://www.crowcrossroads.etsy.com  You are free to discontinue your training at any time.  Lessons are copyrighted and cannot be distributed by anyone in paper or electronic form without written express permission from Silver RavenWolf.  At this time, lessons are $21.00, which includes access to the new blog and answers to student questions through the specified e-mail address.  Purchase of these lessons does not entitle you to Black Forest or RavenWolf lineage, and there are no ceremonies, initiations, nor degree status bestowed upon the student.  Currently, we are working on a twelve lesson format.  Turn-around time for answering your questions can be up to two weeks.  Your questions may be answered by one of my experienced family members or myself.

Monetary Refund:  If, upon receiving any lesson, you are displeased with your purchase, your money will be refunded if we are notified within seven (7) days of your receipt of the lesson.

All rights reserved.  No part of this offering may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever, including Internet usage, without written permission from the Author.

The Dog Days of Summer – Sirius Rising

siriussigilThe Dog Days of Summer – Sirius Rising

by Silver RavenWolf


The brightest star in the sky at 1.46 magnitude, Sirius is twice the size of our sun. Located in the constellation of Canis Major this powerful star historically heralded the hottest days of summer  in Greece and signaled the flooding of the Nile in Egypt.  Named by the Greeks, “Sirius” means “glowing” or “scorcher”.  At one time Sirius rose with the sun on summer solstice; but, due to the precession of the equinoxes, Sirius’glittering reign does not begin until the early days of July and lasts approximately 40 days, somewhere around 11 August. Positioned in the constellation of the Greater Dog, Sirius became known as the Greater Dog Star, with associations to Artemis, Anubis, and Isis.

Specifically located at 13° 57 min. Cancer, Sirius embodies the energy of luck, pride, ambition, good reputation, occult interests, wealth, good fortune, honor, and same. The stars energy is also associated with dog bites, literally and metaphorically. Some practitioners associate Sirius with  the Goddess Hecate in her Bitch Goddess aspect. Although Sirius can highlight fame, it can also inflame danger and violence particularly if heat and humidity are high.

At this point you’re saying, “Gee that’s great Silver, but what is that to do with me.”

Sirius has one more title, that of the Great Conjurer.

It is now, right now, that the power of Sirius according to folklore, is at its greatest height.  Reference can be found in numerous collections of American stories of legend and lore to the Dog days of Summer, when Pow-wows, Hexenmeisters, Witches, Grannies, and a plethora of conjurers, might work their greatest magic.* Facing the rising Sun each day for 13 days one might offer one’s petition in a variety of methods to reach a goal of success, happiness, and good fortune. Many stories single out the waning moon during this period, wherein the banishment of evil, revenge, and the destruction of misfortune find the path of least resistance.  Boiling a piece of clothing that you have worn and not washed is thought to break the worst of curses if done on the waning moon during the reign of Sirius.  Pow-Wow’s often advised to throw in some finger nail clippings and hair as well.

This year, Mercury will turn direct right under the nose of this star, and then, about four days later, will conjunct with it. The energy might be like waving a dog bone right under the snarling jaws of the beast on the day Mercury turns direct.  Four days later, that dog will get that bone! Around the 3rd or 4th of August, Mars will conjunct with Sirius.  Giving you two very interesting boosts of power should you choose to use them in your magick.

Not only do you have the opportunity to use the Grand Sextile (see previous post) you also have the Braucher’s Time of Power – The Dog Days of Summer.  Even if you do not choose to use this energy, it will be interesting to be informed – and to watch as public events unfold.

Artwork:  Sirius Sigil drawn by Silver RavenWolf from page 410 of The Three Books of Occult Philosophy by Henry Cornelius Agrippa edited and annotated by Donald Tyson – Llewellyn World Wide Publications.

*American Witch Stories by Hubert J. Davis – Jonathan David Publishers, Middle Village, New York, 1975.  A compilation of stories collected during the depression years by the WPA for the Virginia Writers Project.

Note:  If you find fault with any of the historical or astrological accuracy of this post, please feel free to correct by comment with your sources.

Upcoming Astrological Events — 13 July 2013

I realize I haven’t been posting a great deal this summer, and so I thought I would give you a brief update and show you what I’ve been working on.  In April, I began teaching the on-line Granny Magick Braucherei Witchery course, which has taken a great deal of my time.  This is a dream I’ve had for many years — to be able to share this information.  I’m delighted at the success we are all experiencing as we work through the lessons together.

Currently the course entails downloadable documents purchased out of my Etsy store; however, this is just one part of the training.  Once Lesson One is purchased, the student is added to the free blog, where he or she can interact with the other students.  To date, the blog has 75 posts that cover student information, history, weekly work and weekly challenges.  The work and the challenges are optional — each student works at his or her own pace.  Students send in their photos of their work, which adds to the learning experience of everyone.

Here is an example of one of the posts this week:

This Week’s Work – 13 July 2013

by Silver RavenWolf

Don’t be surprised if you are feeling a little bit sluggish. Mercury retrograde is in full swing and there is probably at least one area in your life that seems to be dragging. You’ve probably been having a lot of great ideas for future projects, places you want to go, and things you’d like to learn. Be sure to keep a list of all those fantastic thoughts so that you can review them once Mercury turns direct and is out of its storm. Mercury turns direct on Saturday, 20 July 2013 at 2:22 PM EDT and 11:22 AM PDT. It will be out of its storm on Saturday, 27 July 2013. Why wait? Astrological data shows that if we move on new ideas during the retrograde, they have a tendency to fail or must be completely reworked at later date. Not all astrologers agree that we must also wait out the storm, and there can be mitigating factors, such as the upcoming Grand Water Trine noted below, that can override the sluggish Mercury. Come 20 July, you will see communications begin to return to normal, and they should be in full swing by 27 July.

This Week’s Work

This week’s work theme: Building- Moon In Second Quarter

This week’s energy theme:  Cancer – Hearth, Home, the Root of Things (Where the Sun is.)

Because Mercury is still retrograde we will continue to follow through on matters begun before 17 June 2013. This fits nicely with second quarter building energy. Although it sounds somewhat boring, this week’s work will garner the most success if we focus on practicing what we have already learned. I’m sure there is something you would like to complete, perhaps an earlier weekly challenge, or some other project that involves hearth, home, or root energy.

Important Astrological Events in the Next Two Weeks:

There are a few upcoming events that are prime for magickal activity that I would like you to make note of in the coming weeks:

20 July 2013 – Mercury goes direct, and can provide a nice slingshot effect for your magic.

20 July 2013 – Grand Water Trine — the word trine means ease — water is flow — this is a three-way trine between Mars, Saturn and Neptune. When Mars and Saturn are coupled with Neptune everybody plays nice and this energy can be a wonderful celestial push for your hopes and dreams.  With Mercury turning direct right before it – we have a marvelous punch of energy to be used to move things along.  This is a good time to empower objects, build your birthing pot, begin training in earnest, etc.  What will vibrate to this tune of energy?  Mars (action) in Cancer (hearth, home, roots) along with Neptune in Pisces (dreams and visions) and Saturn in Scorpio (pure, powerful magick) that can bring great rewards.  What time to work?  3:00 PM EDT, noon PDT.  England?  You are ahead of us, so you will have to calculate accordingly.

22 July 2013 – There are two sign changes. Venus enters Virgo. The Sun enters Leo. A few hours later, is the full moon. But, like the commercials, that’s not all! There is a happy alignment between Mars and Jupiter, making expansion where you most desire, possible.

29 July 2013 – A grand celestial event.  Since we don’t get too many of those, let’s be sure to use them when we have them!  This one is a Grand Sextile – a rare aspect configuration that creates a six-pointed star in the heavens.  There are seven planets involved and some say that this & event heralds the healing energy of the female.  This is a perfect time to dedicate yourself and your energies to your hopes, dreams.  For the Braucher, this would be a perfect time for a personal ceremony of cleansing, healing, and empowerment. My advice would be to begin working in the morning and continue throughout the day, making every activity a progressive, healing, magickal function.

This Week’s Brief Overview:

Monday:  Moon in Libra – you might like to continue beautification of hearth and home – work on artistic endeavors.  Possibility of a gift coming your way.

Tuesday:  Moon in Scorpio – very good day for several magickal endeavors!  Rewards are definitely possible.

Wednesday:  Moon in Scorpio – Uranus slows, stations and retrogrades – the constant grab for new will go on the back burner for a while.  Jupiter brings gifts and rewards that can be emotionally very fulfilling.

Thursday:  Moon in Sagittarius – An old magickal rule of thumb:  if something is stuck – move it when the moon is in Sagittarius.  You may feel frustrated today with delays, particularly with travel, educational, or legal affairs.  Jokes won’t seem so funny, or backfire.  Think of these delays as necessary so that you can fine tune your energy in the right direction.

Friday:  Moon in Sagittarius – Although the day starts out well with the movement you desire it gets a hitch in its giddyup right before noon (EDT), which may lead to frustration.  Hey, its Friday, there’s always another day!

Saturday:  Busy, busy astrological day!  See 20 July write up above.

Sunday:  Moon in Capricorn – You may stub your toe on rules, or run into a block you didn’t expect.  No biggie.  Try organizing things to better suit your needs.

That’s it for this week.

Git yer game on!


I’ve also been busy with my Etsy store — Crow Crossroads — creating new formulas and pouring magickal candles, developing cross stitch designs for the upcoming autumn season, and now and then making a stuffed doll or two.  You can visit my store at http://www.crowcrossroads.etsy.com

I have reinstituted my website, with more plans for expansion in the fall.  Currently, you can find it at http://www.silverravenwolf.info

Here’s hoping you have a delightful summer and wishing you all the magickal glory possible!