Pow-Wow & Braucherei

Three Angels came from the East Bringing Frost & Fire

Braucherei — Pow-Wow Long Distance Healing

All You Need Is To Believe

All You Need Is To Believe

Long Distance Pow-Wow/Braucherei — Fact not Fancy

by J.E.B.


When speaking to old-tymers who practiced the Pow-Wow/Braucherei system, one thing becomes readily apparent — fact was fact and fancy was fancy.  They had no doubt that Pow-Wow worked and that the practitioner was highly capable of manipulating healing energy to help others, even from a distance — to them, that was a fact like the sun rising in the east or that a knife is the best choice of cutlery to cut roast beef.  It was a common practice to have someone banging on the door, asking for help, telling the Pow-Wow practitioner that the person who needed the healing was miles away.  Jumping into a car and zooming to the sick person was not an option in a time where the primary mode of transportation was on foot or by horse.  In this scenario, it was common for the Pow-Wow to simply ask the full name of the individual, and say:  “Now you go right on home.  So-n-so be better when you git there.”  Incidents such as this one frequent Pow-Wow/Braucherei tales of healing . 


Why would the Pow-Wow be able to utter such a statement?  In Pow-Wow certainty comes from the number of successful healings and the positive frame of mind of the practitioner and the patient.  It is believed that the more you Practice the system of Pow-Wow/Braucherei, the more powerful you will become.  If you practice every day with morning prayers, prayers for healing others, and practical magicks you will begin to see a difference almost immediately.  By the first full moon after you begin, the awakened power in yourself will be more noticeable.  Even more so in the successive months.  By the end of the first year, the Pow-Wow finds him or herself surrounded, and very much a part of, the magick of the universe.  Many of the old Pow-Wow’s, especially those of German descent, believed that Pow-Wow energy is a combination of the most positive vibrations of the group soul, and that this group soul sends protectors and positive energy to the Pow-Wow as well as the patient. Unseen and not bound by time, this “Spirit” of Pow-Wow can overcome any distance and any challenge. 


You must only believe.


If you look closely and observe your surroundings you will find that the more you work the system of Pow-Wow, you will be given the joy and opportunity of “seeing” this spirit in many things — the trees, animals, people, events, images, etc.  You must simply be willing to open your mind.  If you are very lucky, some believe you will meet the Spirit of Pow-Wow/Braucherei in a charming and loving way.  Often, this Spirit is depicted as a male or female Native American accompanied by a wolf or other totem animal, particularly when working the healing modalities.  However, others may not see this Spirit as such.  Many students report seeing “men in black” (no, not the government kind — the Sunday-go-to-meeting dress of the early 1900’s), or the images of deceased Pow-Wow practitioners during workings, particularly when the circumstances are dire.


Remember that Pow-Wow was (and is) an ever expanding system — chants, charms, herbs, and belief conjured for the welfare of others from the heart of the Old Country Germany that accepted the additional knowledge of other magickal people as time carried them forward — from various Indian practices, information from traveling Gypsies, to Jewish emigrants, as well as African Americans shows the fluidity of this Pow-Wow spirit and expansive nature of the Pow-Wow/Braucherei soul.   An integral part of Pow-Wow is your belief that positive, healing energy can travel through time and space.

As you will — so it shall be so.


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    This is Excellent, Silver. Thank you. : )

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