Pow-Wow & Braucherei

Three Angels came from the East Bringing Frost & Fire


Pow-Wow (Braucherei)  is a Pennsylvania Dutch German Magickal System based on a blend of High German Magick, Southern Country Philosophy, Pre-Christian Pagan practices, Gypsy influence, and Native American herbal cures for the ailments of human and beast, the seen and unseen, medicinal and…otherwise.  Pow-Wow is a unique system that relies on one’s belief and the manipulation of energy by means of what we now understand to be the quantum physics of the mind.
The system of Braucherei (PowWow) works regardless of the practitioners preference in religion because of its simple and powerful foundation — belief.  If you believe, really believe, then powwow works.   If you don’t believe, if you doubt, it doesn’t work.  Likewise, if the client believes what you work for will come to pass, then so it will.  If the client does not believe, success may be long in coming, limited, or never arrive at all.  Therefore, it is vitally important that you, as the PowWow practitioner learn to work within the framework of the religious system of the client.  And, as an aside, we use the word client loosely here, as historically, most workings are done for barter or donation.  Braucherei is a system born of quantum physics.  It requires no religion.  It only demands belief.  Belief is the main foundation of the system — without it, the system fails.


I have been a Braucher for over twenty years, trained by Preston Zerbe, who was taught by Gertie Guise.  Including touring the country and speaking about Braucherei at seminars and classes I have also written a book on the subject, and have taught many people how to use the system as I understand it.  There is no initiation into the system — success is derived from a true desire to help family, friends, and the human condition in general.  I wish you much luck in the study and use of Braucherei.



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  1. Liu chi-yun 0, 9 f 11 at 11:06 PM

    Dear silver Ravenwolf,

    I am a reader from Taiwan. This book was found by me by canece in the library of my school. My English is not good,so I hope that you can understand what I said. And I really hope that my rash decision to write this letter to you will not bother you. I have some special abilites, so I want to use this to help other. I can see a person’s future and past ,dead people,Aura Energy I can also use my body to distinguish the real crystal from the fack one.Moreover,I will have prescent dreams. However,the only one I can’t see si anything about me.After seeing your book, I think I find the answer,Because I am preparing for the guaduate school, I am wondering if there is a school that can cultivate this special kind of avlilties and help other people in need. I am grateful to you for reading this letter. Thank you so much .

    PS.But I preparing Art Therapy, Psychology,by the way Reiki,The art of spiritual Healing like too.


    My E-mail r612612j@yahoo.com.tw
    Sorry,your book only Web Sorry

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